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Services offered by VoIP Business Phones


Replacement of telecommunication services in businesses

A large number of services are offered by VoIP business services, for example, auto responders, virtual assistants, virtual receptionists, phone extensions, HD group audio conferencing, HD video group conferencing and group texting. Telecommunication services fail to provide the above-mentioned services; even if they do rates are throat-cutting.

Whenever a company opts for a voip voicemail service, the company is provided with the best type of features at a subscription rate either billed annually or monthly. If a company chooses to do work upon telecommunication services, the company would be ending up spending a way higher amount of money on communication which won’t even offer the best quality and features. So, telecommunication is not preferable in business communications for a long time.


Services offered by VoIP business phone systems

1. Text-based groups: similar departments are grouped in the same texting groups and management are grouped in the main group for text-based communication offering exchange of text, images and videos.

2. Phone number extension: Either a four-digit or 5 digit number is provided as the business number of the entire company using which, the callers call in the company. For internal communication, similar extensions are used for the working members working in the same department. This removes the need to maintain an internal directory and employees could reach each other very easily by their code extensions irrespective of the geographical location. This reduces time consumption.

3. Virtual Assistance: Virtual assistance in form of a virtual receptionist is there for guiding callers to press specific buttons to transfer them to the right department within the company. Virtual auto responders try to solve the query of a caller, who doesn’t have any doubts or maybe wants just a piece of information. Connecting them to a working member of the company wastes time, so, an audio bot programmed to solve queries and give information is configured.

4. HD audio calling: HD audio calling is offered which cancels all the noises and disturbances in an advanced manner.

5. HD Video calling: Good video quality of 1080p is offered. Even, 480p is offered at a good rate.

6. HD Audio and Video conferencing meetings: Covid-19 pandemic has helped this feature to popularize even more. Work-from-home jobs have a serious need for HD video calling conferencing. Thus, preventing the need for physical touch and encouraging social distancing.

7. Virtual fax is also offered.

8. Storage: Data is stored online in the cloud. As it reduces the need for printing, the cost of maintaining the database reduces automatically. This, in turn, reduces the physical capital of the company.



It is clearly understood that a telecommunication system offers low-quality features at higher rates. This eventually led to the replacement of telecommunication networks from businesses and introduced VoIP business phone system which offers high-end features like business phone extensions, HD audio and video conferencing and virtual assistance etc, all under one roof at cheaper rates, usually, billed altogether, either annually or monthly. Hence, the VoIP business phone system is a faster, cheaper and reliable communication system for businesses.